Freefall XII

Pre-Registration is open!

Head over to the store and pick your style. We are offering Roleplay Only, Full Weekend, and Team Registration this year. Due to a lack of interest, the Single Day option has been removed.

Keep your eyes open for more information about the exciting new Airsoft options this year as well as the changes to the playing field. We will be at Apocolypse Paintball this year, but an article will be up soon with the recent changes.

See you all soon!


Waxwing Pilot

After Action Report Introduction: Freefall, 28-29 July, 2007

‘The captain of the Waxwing was nervous as his Angel Class C Light Transport settled into a berth next to the Freefall Trading Post on the Border Moon Ataraxiain the early morning hours of 28 July planetside. He had a holdful of guns to be smuggled past the Magistrate’s prods, and an Alliance dropship following him in on the glide-path down to the mining town of Freefall from high orbit, and not cargo nor passengers booked for the return trip to the Core Planets. To add to the uncomfortableness, he’d just received a wave from his contact on the ground tellin’ him that the miner’s revolt had spread to Freefall Mine as well, which meant that his quiet little gunrunning spot was bound to be crawlin’ with lawmen lookin’ for Browncoat Resisters, and mercenaries nosing around for easy pickin’s.

“Captain,” said Crash, the pilot, over the pop and creak of the shutdown atmo turbofans cooling, “You might want to take a look out the window. I think we have company.” The Captain stepped up to the cockpit glass and looked down. Three heavily-armed thugs stood in the glare of the Waxwing’s landing lights. “Hope they brought their jimmies,” said the Captain, “’cause we ain’t open for business ‘til sunup. You don’t crack the seals for no one ‘til I give the word, you hear me?” Crash nodded, looking a little spooked; this was his first run to Freefall. The Captain said, “Good. I’ll be in my bunk.” “Oh, yeah,” he thought to himself as he made his way aft to the engine room to round up his wife, “Yeah, this is gonna be just Shiny….”’


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