Freefall XII

Pre-Registration is open!

Head over to the store and pick your style. We are offering Roleplay Only, Full Weekend, and Team Registration this year. Due to a lack of interest, the Single Day option has been removed.

Keep your eyes open for more information about the exciting new Airsoft options this year as well as the changes to the playing field. We will be at Apocolypse Paintball this year, but an article will be up soon with the recent changes.

See you all soon!


The Cortex


All players must bring valid ID and sign a field waiver onsite on the day of the game.  Players must be at least 16 years of age or get permission from the event coordinator to attend.  Players 17 years of age and under can be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during player registration or the parent or guardian must cosign on the waiver before their child will be allowed to play.

***NOTE: All under aged players are REQUIRED to attend an airsoft safety course in order to attend any events at Apocalypse Paintball, including Freefall. There will be a safety course held before the event on Saturday at 2:00pm on July 11th.***

There are now two options with Pre-registration, Individual and Team. Teams have a minimum of 3 people and the initial team purchase must include registration for 3 people minimum. Other players may join the Team pre-registration later if they notify us in the Order Notes that they are joining in a paid team registration.

Click here for the Apocalypse Paintball waivers.

For answers related to the different roles in this event, contact Mykal at

Freefall 10 – 2016 – $40 Pre-Registration is now open!

Pre-Registration can be found in our shop and has new perks.

If you decide to pay (single day) at the event, the registration is $25.00.

If you decide to pay (both days) at the event, the registration is $50.00.

In-camp, non-airsoft, role play-only roles can be registered for the day of for $20.00.
Some NPCs are a free-entry role, get confirmation before assuming your entry is free!