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Mercenary 2

Here I find myself on backwater moon thats way to hot, my last credit spend on the trip here and not a familier face around. I’ve spend most of the morning in town trying to find work while watching the Magistrate hire the bigger groups of mercs. It’s a little after noon when an alliance squad comes marching into town. The last thing I needed was for the alliance to show up and smooth things over befor I can get a peice of the action. Luckly while in the trading post I overheard they are here to set up some bank. The Alliance moves on while I cool off in the shade of the trading post were I find my frist job. A merc (I think) wants me to ask the Magistrate some questions about some murder. His money is good and whats the worst that could happen, one of the Magistrates goons could stun me. While waiting for the Mag to be alone

(Well just him and his two goons that are always close by) I hear it’s the Mags Wife Who was murder in the Mines. With this new info my new Associate
informs me he has been offered a large reward if he can find out who killed her and if I help out it’s worth half. We head down to the mines to ask some questions and stumble on a fire fight between the alliance squad and what must be the miners (hopefully they all aren’t so trigger happy). We move around the fight(no sents getting wounded in fight with no pay in it) and have a talk with the miners but they seem to know nothing and it was the same way with the rest on the port. We spend most of the day walking and talkinng and no one knows nothing. A few small jobs picking up wounded and dilivering goods for the Doc, but no leads on the murder. Finally we get something some miners coming up to town say they heard something. It takes a some shiny green gem I got for the Doc to pray the info from them.
Two Ex crime boss thugs told them the ships crew was invalved. With the day growing short we took the info back to the Companion’s bodygurad (my Associate’s emplyer). We gave what info we had and he swiffly turned around and punch the Miner boss in the face(I gess he was spending alot of time with the ships crew). The ships Engineer jumped the bodyguard from behind and quickly brought him down(That girls go a mean right hook). Soon Everyone was up and after a talk with the Companion’s, the bodygurad, the engineer and the Miner boss we came to the relization that we must have been misinformed. We decided to return to the mines with the miner boss to point out which Miner was respossable for his punch to the face(And get my gem back). When we got there we found the alliance had set some gizmo up over the mine. I don’t think the miner boss like it much because when there were no troopers around he had one of his miners take out the alliance tech. The ships engineer started messing around with the gizmo when an alliance trooper stumbled back over. After a quick burst and one downed engineer followed by alot of quick talking by the miner boss they all picked up the wounded and headed back of the port leaving us to watch the gizmo(paying us of corse).
Soon the Commander of the alliance troop came over with anther merc and hired us to make sure no one got close the the gizmo(nothing like getting paid twice for the same job). We fanned out around the gizmo thing and prepard to defend it. Maybe it was the lack of action or may heat stroke starting in but I grab a few z’s under the shade of some trees as we spent the rest of the day on gurad duty. Never did find out who Murdered the Mags wife though darn it. I could have use tht money.

The next day my Associate informs me some of his pals came in over night and he was going to hook up with them and see what trouble he could get into. So once again I find myself alone looking for work in the port. It’s not long till I see the Magistrate armored car start up and he’s heading out with alot mercs in tow. Best I can figure is they were heading down to mines to take it back by force. With no work to be found here I quickly started moving to the mines to inform them and see if they wanted to hire another gun. After moving though an alliance potrol I found the Miners coming up to port. With news of the car rolling they hired me on and they moved for the Cargo ship. Seems the crew feels for the miners and were trying to get a better deal for them or get them off the this little rock if it comes to that. Most of the crew is warry of talking around me(I find out mercs have been trying to get on board all day so trust is hard to come by). After I help repell a couple of boarding attemps and after dragging the captian back in after he was wounded do they start easing up around me.
Most of the day is guard duty on the ship broken up with small fire fights. The crew let out a cheer with the return of there Pilot and the Companion close behind him (People said they went missing last night during the reaver attack but I can only gess what they were really doing). I was keeping an eye on the rear enterance of the ship when I overheard the Companion say “I wish someone would just shot that man”(the Magistrate). Well I had to inquire how much it would be worth to her to see that done. The pay was good, so took on the job. If I saw a opening to put one it the Magistrate I would take it. My moment wasn’t long off. A large brawl started in port, stunners flying everywere and people brawling in the street. And after it all to my luck the Magistrate was being led out of town with only one merc. Here was my chance and I sprung at it.It all when perfect I don’t think the Magistrate even saw me and I would have got away clean if it hadn’t pilot sneaking around out back of the ship. I was already back inside the ship informing the Companion that the deed was done when I heard the pilot telling the captian, and the captian was not happy. After a failed attempt to sneak out I found myself cornerd in the back of the ship. After a quick look I saw the captian and the other merc who was guarding the ship moving in I decided it was time to talk. I quickly point out I was doing A job for the Companion, Luckly she was in ear shot and step into the hall between me and the captain to cofrim my story. Only after I agreed to keep a low profile and defend his ship till takeoff did he cool down. Once again it wasn’t long to prove my word as somebody tryed to bust in through the back were I was catching my breath. They were quickly repled and I sealed off the back again. A while later I watch the crew move out and try to take down the armored car. I sat thier for what seemed to long. No one had come back, I was about to get up and take a look out side when someone came bursting though the back doors. A well place shot brought him right down, It was the pilot(I can’t belive he just came running though when every one had an finger ready on the trigger)and i had just shot him. I moved over to get a medpak to him when shot bounced off a wall and got me. Great now i’m down and there are unfriendls out side and no one back here. I call for medic and here foot steps coming from out side. The commander of the alliance squad comes in though the opening at the same time I can see the captian is move up from the front of the ship. Both have guns drawn and look ready to use them. They inch towards the corner of the room neither one able to see the other. All I can think is another disaster is about to happen right in front of me and I can’t do anything about it. When the captian comes around the corner he quickly lowered his weapon and the disaster was avioded. The pilot and I are up with minor wounds and I resume my guard duty as the Commander and Captian go up front to talk. It’s pretty quite for a while till the rest of the crew gets back. The ship has permission to leave but they are keep waiting for the Miners to show so they can get them off world. When someone trys to break in throught the front door it’s time to get off this little world(they were even plus one alliance trooper). The engines fire up the ship starts to lift off just as someone spots the miners moving in. The ship makes a U turn to pick the miners. We open the back doors and the minors come running in along with one of the Magistrate goons(I don’t know how he ended up here Thats for someone else to tell). The ship finally takes off as the miner boss moves to the front of the ship to thank the captian. The alliance trooper sees the miner boss and opens fire dropping him. The alliance trooper soon has the back of his head blow out by the kind doctor and is quickly removed from the ship through the front airlock. Well I got off that little rock alive and I got a good bonus from the Captian to. If he pays this well often I may just stick around.


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