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Mercenary 1

My Associate and I were just minding our own business, which was nothing at the time, when a dusty, nervous miner approached us with a business proposal. He stated that the miner’s revolt had begun on ataraxia and the “revolution” if you could call it that needed some help holding one of their mineheads. I volunteered our services for 4 gems, plus one per kill. We set up our ambush by the mine and waited. Before too long, that nervous miner sent some of his buddies after us to make sure we didn’t take off on them. some people just don’t know how to trust. I could tell these miners had never held a gun, except maybe for some squirrel hunting. Before too long we found out why they hired us and not the other wannabe shooters around town. They had an alliance patrol after them. They came in with their typical alliance fanfare, oh so predictable. Making so much noise you could shoot them in the dark. we popped the first one that came within 20 yards of us. While he was on the ground moaning and groaning, his team leader asked us to hold fire. clearly a master tactician. we “agreed” and let them come closer, and wouldn’t you know it they were all practically holding hands when we lit them up again.

There was one trooper left and he took some cover, he was obviously the one that should’ve been the team lead, but after some maneuvering, there he was laying on the ground, bolt open, bleeding. and with that, we walked over and had a laugh at their misfortune and went to collect payment. We brought one of the scared miners with us to verify our headcount of 5.. well after he was finished cleaning his shorts out. neither him or the other two miners with us fired a shot. I don’t blame them, this kind of business should be handled by pros like us. Now the lead miner was a little reluctant to pay us as he was uncertain that his mine would stay secure.. not our problem, we did what we were paid to and that was that. on our way back to town to spend our loot, some of that alliance patrol had gotten patched up.. probably by one of the miners that hired us. well since they was looking for us and I had a pocketfull of gems, i took off into the woods.. my partner, pockets empty, stalled the troopers long enough for me to get around their flank. He hit one of them, and so did I. about that time i realised they wouldn’t let me out of the woods if they thought it was me who shot them, so i let off a few rounds in the air and gave a pretty convincing death cry.. convincing enough for the alliance goofballs anyway. They even thanked me for taking out their harrasser.. hahaha..

So we went on our way to change some of those gems into folding money. We figured our best bet to be that starship that had just landed. I talked to the captain and he just couldn’t afford it. oh well.. I headed into the store to try and find another job, and there sits the magistrate. I figured it would be a good time to buy some strawberries, but he wasn’t hungry, so i ate them right in front of him.. I putzed around town to find a hiding spot for my loot until i could move it, and once it was hidden, i felt a little social, so i approached the magistrate again, and one of his goody goody guards hit me with a stunner. I didn’t appreciate it much, but right at that moment, it wasn’t the time to settle the score. I worked the crowd over a little.. managed to palm 30 ataraxs off the companions table and headed back into the store to spend it when i spotted the magistrate taking a nap. his other guard was off somewhere skirt chasing and he left his apprentice there to mind the boss. he wasn’t minding him too well because the magistrate had a crisp alliance credit just hanging out of his pocket. I positioned myself behind him and snatched it, and while doing so, noticed a hefty lump of cash down in his pocket. my partner new what i was up to already and asked the guard to assist him with his gear. I snatched a handful of cash and walked over to my hiding spot.. after that, we both took a breather and downed a cold one.. not ten minutes later the magistrate and his guards came over and started questioning me. and here i thought no one had noticed. well, no one noticed very well because neither of the guards actually saw what happened and the magistrate had more cash than he could count. So they hooped and hollered and fussed around but I didn’t have it on me and wasn’t going to tell them where it was. since this is confession time, they were standing almost on top of it. It was hidden in the bushes. ‘course they didn’t check..

A little later we were approaced by the the local scumbag crime boss. She wanted to rip off the store in a big way, but didn’t have the firepower to get away clean. we took the job for a 40% cut and waited outside the store. Their robbery went off ok and we skedaddled only to find 3 creeps just hanging out in their hideout. I dispatched them and caught a bullet in the leg for my trouble, but such is the life of a merc. As my partner was in arranging the split i went to get patched up by the doc. By the time i made it back to the hideout, they were still counting. Thats about the time the sheriff showed up and plugged the 3 robbers. My associate and I returned fire, but quickly noted we were the only ones doing so. We instantly had the same thought, if theres no one there to stop us, why not take all the cash?? I pocketed the loot and we took off, putting a couple rounds between us and the sheriff on the way out. Back to the loot hiding spot to deposit the cash and headed into the shopkeeper to try and bribe her into keeping her mouth shut. unfortunately the crime boss had gone to the doc and gotten patched up and wanted her cash. I gave her the 40 ataraxs i had in my pocket and told her it was one of her boys. Later on that night both of her stoolies who were apparently sharing an IQ questioned me and I again pointed them to their compadres. I thought that was enough action for one night, but apparently the ship captain was also being chased by the alliance and needed a hand blowing up their ship.. he paid good too 100 alliance creds up front and after. I felt kind of bad taking it from him, cuz in my opinion he paid too much. but nonetheless we got his shooter to her RPG and the alliance ship with hardly a shot fired. He paid us our back end and we called it a night.. Day two’s report later… .

I awoke the next day to pastries that the shopkeeper had “made” for the whole town. Don’t know why, really didn’t care. I was still trying to fence the gems I was paid with the day prior. I consulted the ship’s captain again about this and he related to me that his courier hadn’t arrived but had landed that morning. He was speculating that something happened to her. I took my team (had three more mercs arrive in the night) for a walk around to find out what happened to her.. No luck though, ship was empty and no sign of her. When I arrived back in town I spotted the magistrate and I hadn’t forgotten how his guards snubbed the day before. I stopped looking for jobs as he became my priority. After a botched kidnapping attempt, my team decided to come at him from a more legitimate angle. His wife was killed in a mine collapse and word around town is the magistrate had something to do with it. We started kicking over some stones and got the names of the guys hired to do it. As I was passing this info on like a good citizen, one of the suspects walks right by. We grab him, question him, and grant him immunity. He confesses that the magistrate hired him and his associate to collapse the whole damn mine right on her head. now the sheriff wanted to keep his job and continue breathing, and apparently those wants are not conducive to arresting magistrate types. So he hired us to do it. it was not without incident. Lots of stunners going off and a lot of fistfights and stabbings and eventually…. he escaped in his armored car. for awhile. my team fired on that thing forever and the worst it probably did was give the magistrate a headache.. Hell i even got a pistol into one of the gun ports but the damn things shielded.. so we had to wait for him to come back to town. and he did. We overpowered the guards and Jim, my associate managed to drag the magistrate out of town, only to be mistaken as a magistrates guard on the way up the hill. Well instead of Jim carrying out the “human sacrifice”, some other punk did it for us, and wounded Jim in the process.. instead of looting him like i should’ve, i dragged Jim’s body to the doc and let the magistrate rot in the sun… luckily I got Jim though, because he’d gotten the magistrates cash before he was hit. There was hardly anything there and we knew he’d stashed it. We lounged around for almost the rest of the day when opportunity knocked again, there was a shootout at the mineheads and everyone went to get a piece, except for me and my crew of course.. we knocked over the store, stole a sword and stabbed everyone in town. including the magistrate, again. I also ran the sheriff and his deputy through and got a nice shiny star.. and as my rampage came to a close, i poked the alliance team leader and he fell into a sewage ditch. I kinda felt bad about that. almost. but as they say, those who live by the sword, die by the sword, and thats what happened, someone poked me with their pig sticker and there I layed until someone pulled me inside with the rest of my victims. fade to black, roll credits


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