Important Announcements

So we're starting early this year! Pre-registration will start March 1st and will be staying open until June 16th.

Last year's patches are available in the shop, and we still have the previous years patches available. They will remain in the shop until we no longer have any left.

If you have any questions that you would like answered, please feel free to message us at freefallgame@yahoo.com or on Facebook.

Thanks, and see you in a few months!

With the excitement of the courthouse blowing up, the Judge, Banker, and the Sheriff disappearing, and the atmospheric processor issues.. it seemed like life was getting back to normal on Ataraxia. Chaotic. The council has since appointed a new Sheriff and things in town have calmed considerably. Ships are coming and going bringing more cattle and taking away meat and ore.

Blue Sun and WYC have minimized their presence due to the ongoing court cases on Hera. Representatives from the Firefly Ship Works have been seen on planet. News from Hera indicate a possible expansion into the Rim where regulations are a bit more lax on experimental ship design. Casino odds on Ataraxia getting the new factory is up are currently 4 to 1 as the easy access to titanium would make things very simple. Especially if they were to gain the councils approval to process material on world.

An outbreak of Crane Syndrome has been spreading through the System. Blue Sun Medical personnel have donated enough vaccine to inoculate all of its citizens free of charge.

Tales of Pre war treasure have begun again with the resurfacing of what could only be the Star of Ataraxia. A White Ataraxite gem that was cut and altered with what was rumored to be a treasure map to the riches of Julian Daye. A pirate that frequently raided ships of people settling the Rim.

In other Pirate related news, the Mary Read, an Independent Blockade Runner listed as unaccounted for in the War, has shown up orbiting Ataraxia. Representatives from the ship have been seen on planet and it was heard around the Queen of Hearts that Ataraxia may have its own Navy soon.

Outside the town proper, things are heating up between the Cattle Ranchers and Sheep Herders over territory. Both sides are claiming the deeds they have are for the same land, and with the lack of documents found in the remains of the courthouse, this issue is going to get more violent before it gets resolved. To make matters worse, with the increased amount of food on the planet. People on the outskirts of the Freehold have taken to Reaver scares right before people and livestock have gone missing.


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