Freefall XII

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The Cortex

Armored Skiff Pilot

Ataraxia Regulatory Force

Senior Officer’s Log: 28 July

0700 HRS Received duty assignment: Transport and safeguard the Magistrate while he conducts business in the Registered Port of Freefall. No further information given. Requisitioned one armored BA-64 Skiff, call sign “Dog-1”. Due to a shortage of available senior guards (goram miner’s revolt has spread us thin) one junior guard in training will assist.

0900 HRS Arrived at Port of Freefall: Locked down “Dog-1” to secure the Magistrate’s assets within. The Magistrate informs me, he needs to get answers to his wife’s death and hire more mercenary prods (not a man to ask a lot of questions of) so I start the usual visual scan for potential threats and instruct the junior guard on crowd control.

1200 HRS The safe area around the Trading Post is anything but safe. I have identified 5 individuals with knives and a merc with a stunner. There is every form of lowlife here from criminals to indentured drudges and professional mercenaries wanting to score some Alliance Credits. Only the freeholders are willing to step aside for the Magistrate.

1310 HRS The Magistrate has conducted many meetings with the local Crime Boss and Sheriff in hopes of locating the Strike Leader, no luck yet. Contact with the Magistrate’s daughter proved to be adversarial but not threatening.
Additional merc prods have been hired to expedite the needs of the Magistrate.

1325 HRS The personal perimeter of the Magistrate was breeched requiring the stunning of two goram mercs (my granddad always said “if you don’t wanna get bit by the jackal, don’t wait till he opens his mouth, shoot him when he growls”) unable to ascertain whether the mercs were working alone or were paid to test the Magistrate’s defenses. Federal troops have landed and they have a Terraforming Inspector with them just to add to our problems.

1500 HRS The Magistrate has failed to follow standard operating procedures. When in a hostile environment test all food and drink before consumption. I believe there has been an attempt to poison the Magistrate. The Magistrate’s condition has been stabilized but he is currently unconscious. The junior guard is also showing the effects of an unknown toxin. (my granddad always said “don’t you be taken berries from strangers”)

1520 HRS The Magistrate’s daughter has attempted to gain passage aboard “Dog-1” to travel to the southern mine head. She was informed of her father’s current condition and denied a travel permit.

1525 HRS The Magistrate has been robbed of some Fed Credits. After bringing the Magistrate to consciousness a short investigation and foul stench lead us to the gos se mercs. Do to the local law enforcement, we were unable to use A.R.F. techniques for recovering the stolen property. Disciplinary actions will be taken against the junior guard who was present at the time of the theft. (my granddad would have been proud of the well executed way these mercs pulled off this theft, but they’re really starting to piss me off!)

1612 HRS The junior guard has been instructed by the Magistrate to relocate
some of the Federal Inspector’s sensor components. This task was completed with out incident.

1800 HRS There is evidence of possible rehabilitation of these lowlife mercs as a ceasefire is put into effect. Grand entertainment to truly rival that which is held at the Magistrate’s mansion, and a pig roast topped off the evening. The need for a skiff patrol out to the mine heads cut the nights entertainment short.

2014 HRS The miner’s revolt have left the mine heads in less than desirable condition. No sign of the Alliance Federal Task Force or Browncoat Resisters. “Dog-1” returning to Port of Freefall.

2200 HRS With the approach of Reavers to this isolated area the BA-64 skiff
is locked down and the Magistrate’s safety is secured for the night. END LOG


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