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Alliance Commander

Alliance Federal Task Group 7
Entry Log 7582

Quell hostilities in the Freefall area by separating the violent striking miners called the Browncoat Resisters from the forces of the Magistrate of Ataraxia.
MISSION SUCCESSFUL. Most of the browncoats are dead, left planet, or have been working with Federation troops on planet. The magistrate’s authority has crumbled and his jurisdiction replaced by Task Group 7. Both sides may cause more trouble in the future, but for now have been reduced in strength and fighting power.

Control traffic into and out of the mine head area to prevent tampering with the investigation site.
MISSION SUCCESSFUL. Although delayed due to forces trying to stop us, all three sensors were successfully completed and the automatic excavator was created and ran smoothly without interruption.

Cooperate with local authorities in re-establishing order in the community. Provide needed services to locals as the situation warrants. The Freefall Safe Area is the jurisdiction of the Sheriff, while the Free-fire Area is within the Magistrate of Ataraxia’s jurisdiction. Your Commanding Officer is authorized to override these jurisdictions in the event of a breakdown in order.
MISSION IN PROGRESS. Worked with locals to provide bolster to economy, medical supplies to the doctor, and help when needed. Due to corruption and anti-Federation activities, the Magistrate’s authority over the mines was removed during the second day. The magistrate was also going to be brought in for questioning but chaos ensued and people revolted against the magistrate. If the Magistrate is still on world, he will be apprehended and formally questioned. Proof of the magistrate’s wife’s murder was found and documented, pointing all information back to the local crime boss. Local Sheriff and Deputy aware of this information. Currently working with local law enforcement, the Sheriff, on restoring order to Freefall. Crime boss’s removal deemed critical in establishing order on planet; probably more-so than the Magistrate.

Monitor all air traffic in the environs, and call in intercepts of any unauthorized vessels entering or leaving the airspace of the Freefall investigation site.
MISSION IN PROGRESS. One unidentified vessel landed but no information available. Transport ship, Waxwing, was allowed to take off under my command. Some local trade goods, a few local passengers, an ambassador friendly to the indentured miners, a local doctor, and a Shepherd were all allowed to leave the planet of Ataraxia. Mercenaries attempting to take over the ship were delayed by Alliance troopers long enough for the Waxwing to take off.

Enforce the judgment of the Federal Terraforming Investigator, should she require that any person or persons in the Freefall area be voluntarily interrogated, and/or Bound by Law.
MISSION SUCCESSFUL. Any and all information requested by the investigator was obtained, analyzed, and properly reported. Inspector survived the battle, Ataraxite gems were collected in bulk quantities and stored for safekeeping, and topographical sensors mapping the mines were successful in revealing the un-safe nature of the mines. Proper documentation of the condition of the mines sent to command. Automatic excavation of the site was also successful.

After learning of the nature of the mines and the importance of the Ataraxite gem, Federal Task Group 7 is to no longer concern themselves with the populace of Ataraxia. You now have a high priority mission to secure mine head #2 and set up automatic excavating equipment that will mine the gem slowly over time. Do everything necessary to protect the operable excavator and maintain control over the mine. You have been cleared to use any means reasonably necessary to do so and funds have been wired to you on planet.
Task Group 7 continued to maintain relations with locals after doing so deemed necessary for mission success. Mine head #2 was immediately secured and the automatic excavator established. Both the browncoats and mercenaries were paid to cooperate in defending the excavator. Even though ownership of the mine was now obviously in Federation control, no outside forces attempted to stop the mining operation and mission was a complete success. Mines are now in complete direct Federation control under the jurisdiction of Task Group 7.

Task Group 7 Troopers were well equipped and armored for this mission. Although wounded numerous times, MedPack, Field Dressing, and Surgery supplies were sufficient to keep everyone in satisfactory condition. One Trooper KIA reported during the battle during the takeoff of the transport ship, the Waxwing.
Mercenaries on planet damaged one federal dropship, which was repaired. Those responsible are unconfirmed.

A formal request is being submitted to prematurely end and void the indenturement contract between the local miners and the Magistrate. Contract a considerable source of hostilities and it’s removal may help the situation on planet.

A full inquiry is being requested on the Magistrate and his actions on Ataraxia. Magistrate had shady dealings with numerous mercenaries, attempted to destroy the topographical sensors Task Group 7 was sent in to establish, actively opposed my authority, and enlisted forces to display open aggression and resistance to Federal Task Group 7. When told to stand down, the Magistrate disobeyed but did not continue hostilities. Mines were documented as un-safe. In the Magistrate’s defense, no sabotage of the mines was discovered; the Magistrate’s wife’s death was discovered to be the act of the local crime boss and not a scheme of the Magistrate. Alliance forces attempted to defend the Magistrate to ensure Federal Protocol was maintained and local “thug” law was not imposed on the Magistrate. A recruit trooper shot and wounded the Magistrate during the confusion of the browncoats trying to capture him. A formal apology can be submitted by myself and compensation for this can be arranged.

Unlawful thugs and mercenaries are too numerous in Ataraxia’s port. I am submitting a formal request to issue an economic forfeiture to identified people who assaulted Task Group 7 personnel with intent to harm and steal. A citation is requested to positive identification of each assault documented. Documentation has been sent of trustworthy operators on planet along with those that have directly opposed Task Group 7 and assumed there to be no consequence

I am submitting a formal request for a shipment of Alliance Stunners for future policing actions of the Freefall safe zone. Local Sheriff’s actions were commendable, but due to the influx of thugs and mercenaries, the situation quickly became more than he could handle.

Due to internal corruption, a request to continue the elevated command authority of Task Group 7 is being submitted. Federation interests were best served and positive relationships with locals established when Task Group 7 could overrule operational jurisdiction of other authorities on planet. Maintaining this command authority deemed critically important in continued operations of Task Group 7 on planet.

Reavers attacked in the middle of the night during day one. Alliance Troopers and local townsfolk put up a defense and repelled the attack. Task Group 7 was unable to pursue Reavers the next day due to high priority missions related to the mines and the port town of Freefall.

Alliance Federal Task Group 7 Commander Kerrik – END ENTRY LOG.

“Permission to speak freely, Commander?” asks the nearby trooper who assisted in the details of the Task Group 7 entry log.

“Permission granted, Trooper”, casually replies the commander.

““Sir, I’m confused on a few details of this report. I don’t understand why you didn’t just demand the gem be handed over or confiscate it when it was found? Also, why even bother with voiding the indenture contract? We could have used the workers with the reopening of the mine. “

“Trooper, you need to learn a little bit of how people work out here on the rim. Things are a whole lot different than the core worlds. Some of these people have given their lives trying to scrape together an existence based off of those gems. If we take them away, it would be like stealing to them. We didn’t bleed for those gems to get them out of the ground and if we demand to have them without compensation then they will probably vow to make us bleed for them later. Add to the mix that a lot of these miners are former Independents from the war; they already don’t like the Alliance. If we push them around again, it will be that much harder for them to cooperate. These people have also been slaves to the magistrate and have been willing to give their lives fighting against it. If the request is approved and we end the indenturement, we might just have some allies on our side… or at least people that won’t shoot at us. If the Alliance wants the gem on this world that bad, they will be willing to pay for honest work.” replies the commander.

“Why did you let the Waxwing take off? You were so sure the captain was dealing with so many shady people on planet and Alliance forces even saw the anti-vehicle weapon on their ship that was used to disable our dropship!”

“No, we saw a possible RPG weapon. We do not know if it was technically used against our ship. I’m also going to assume that the captain wouldn’t make such a mistake as to disable one of the only other ships on this moon capable of getting back into space. Doing so would allow and prompt us to commandeer his vessel and I don’t think the captain would have wanted that. Knowledge of this would have also allowed me to deny his take off, thus grounding him on the planet. There was also only one person skilled enough to sabotage one of our sensors; someone who had a real knack for machines and how they work. But I am going to assume the benefit of the doubt and trust that the Captain was doing justifiable business.”

“With all this supposed evidence against the Captain of the Waxwing and his crew, I still don’t understand why you let them go?” asked the Trooper.

“Trooper, you’ve only been in service of the Alliance for less than a year. I’ve been in it long enough. I was in the war. I was at the bottom of the pecking order and did what I was told, but I didn’t believe in that fight. But some of those Independents, those browncoats, did believe in it with all their heart and soul. When I lay there, bleeding out on the battlefield along with some browncoats and so sure of my own death, it was the Waxwing, the angel of mercy, which took me away from that hell. I’m alive today because of the people on that ship. Those browncoats who bled the same color as I, who believed in their cause so completely, came out of the war with reeducation and slavery. The crew of the Waxwing, who risked their lives and went out of their way to save anybody regardless of their side, came out of that war with nothing. And then there was me; an Alliance Trooper who didn’t believe in the fight who only did what he was told, that came out of that war with a promotion. To me, there is something wrong with that. Considering how logic abandoned both of them, the browns and the Waxwing, during that war then perhaps some logic can abandon them now; that is why, officially, the voiding of the indenturement contract and the permission for take off were critical to our missions success.”

A puzzled look follows the conversation as the Trooper is dismissed and returns to his post. The Commander returns to his small quarters in the Federal Dropship and changes the dressings on his numerous wounds gained from two days of fighting. The people here are money grubbing, dangerous, and most of them untrustworth. Some of them even shot or stabbed the only people on planet that would pay them for what they had; telltale signs that some of the people on planet don’t think too hard about the bigger picture. But they have been given a chance. If only they knew that this Alliance Commander was probably their best chance of being left alone. What happens next relies heavily on Alliance Command and on the populace of Ataraxia. As for the Waxwing, whatever items the captain managed to smuggle out and whatever money he scrounged up on planet will hopefully keep their ship flying a little bit longer. After sitting down and double-checking the details, he finishes the report and contemplates what will happen next on this small border moon.

”I refuse to be the one that clips the angel’s wings this time around…” says the Commander to himself as he presses SEND.


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